egcs-19981110 installation problems

Matthias Klose
Tue Nov 10 05:59:00 GMT 1998

Some remarks and questions (egcs-19981110 built on Linux glibc2):

- the manual pages {g++,g77,gcc,cccp}.1 are installed into the
  directory man, not man/man1.

- How can the objc testsuite be configured, such that it finds the
  correct thread library, when egcs is configured with --enable-threads?
  Configuring with LIBS=-lpthread burdens the installer to give the
  correct library.

- Building the objc runtime with garbage collection enabled, but
  without the gc headers and lib in standard places, aborts the build.
  This can be fixed with giving appropriate LIBS and CFLAGS when
  compiling, but does this interfer with the Java garbage collector?

- The makeinfo binary is installed. By intent?


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