Irix6 bootstrap fails, fundamental problem w/libiberty built with cc

Jeffrey A Law
Wed Nov 4 15:23:00 GMT 1998

  In message < >you write:
  > 	The issue IMHO is that all of libiberty (not just obstack.o)
  > built with stage1 cc may not be compatible with stage>=2 files built
  > with gcc.
  > 	This throws a monkey wrench into plans for eliminating cruft
  > like local copies of xmalloc etc, and getting it all from libiberty.a.
  > 	I think we need to either somehow make sure object files built
  > in stage1 are compatible with gcc, or rebuild libiberty.a at each
  > stage.
  > 	This is not a recent problem, its been happening for a while and
  > I worked around it in my local sources.  However I'd like to begin work
  > on using libiberty more extensively and this is in the way.  So unless
  > I've bungled something in my bootstrap procedure, I think this is a real
  > snag. 
For a variety of reasons, it would be best if we could force the first stage
to build with options that make libiberty and other files linkable with
stage2 and later builds.

This is actually the host/target issues all over again -- during stage2 we
want to use what we have traditionally called the "target" libraries.  It
just happens to be the case that host & target libraries are the same for
most native builds.

I'm not sure what the best solution would be.

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