cvs egcs complains about asm statement on x86

Gerald Pfeifer
Mon Nov 2 01:08:00 GMT 1998

On Sun, 1 Nov 1998, Felix von Leitner wrote:
> Does anyone know what the problem is and how to fix it?  This is kind of
> urgent for Linux users ;-}

The following links may be appropriate. If so, it's Linux bug, not an
EGCS one.

  One side effect of Bernd's work is that incorrect asms which explicitly
  clobber a register that is also mentioned in the inputs/outputs for the
  asm will always generate an error on all ports. This is going to cause
  linux kernels to fail to build on x86 processors until the linux kernel
  developers fix the asms in the linux kernel.


PS: In the near future recent News entries will be moved to the EGCS main
    page, so that it'll be more easy to locate stuff like that.
Gerald Pfeifer (Jerry)      Vienna University of Technology

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