egcs-980315 bug report

Jim Wilson
Wed Mar 25 13:51:00 GMT 1998

	As part of getting the pre processor for G++ to emit something it
	can later eat

I'd recommend against this.  The ISO C standard says nothing at all about
the textual representation of the output of the preprocessor, nor does
it even say there needs to be one.  If we start adding arbritrary restrictions
to the cpp output, then we are likely to cause implementation and maintenance
problems for ourselves.

Preprocessing code more than once is such an obscure feature request that
I don't believe we should try to support it.  If you need more than one
preprocessing step, then use M4.

	Note I've upgraded some of the warnings to errors as well.
	I'm interested in compiling ISO C++, not compatability with
	broken code.

This breaks support for K&R C and GNU C.  If you want all diagnostics to
be reported as errors, then use -pedantic-errors.

	I've also ensured that when the pre processor finds an error,
	it prints out a unique string

There is some usefulness to this, but if we decide to do it, we should change
all parts of the compiler at the same time.


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