Patch for `Shouldn't fixincludes remove assert.h instead of trying to fix it?'

Jim Wilson
Thu Mar 19 15:34:00 GMT 1998

	* (stmp-fixinc): Copy our own assert.h into the
	fixed include directory.

I think this should only be done if FIXINCLUDES != as I
explained in my previous message.

	(stdlib.h): Create missing stdlib.h on m68k-motorola-sysv.

In answer to your earlier question, ISO C says that both stdlib.h and
stddef.h must define size_t.  There are a number of macros and types that
are defined in more than one place.

Rather than just include stddef.h in stdlib.h though, we could avoid possible
namespace problems by just including the parts that we need.  If you something
like this
	#define __need_size_t
	#include <stddef.h>
They we just get the size_t definition that we need and nothing else.

If fix-header is creating the stdlib.h file, perhaps we should patch fix-header
so that it creates the file correctly?

	* fixincludes (assert.h): Don't even try to fix a system's
	probably broken assert.h - we provide our own.

One of the rules that you are deleting affects two files: assert.h and
sys/mman.h.  Are you sure that the sys/mman.h change is no longer needed?
I suspect that you should leave the rule in, and just delete the assert.h
file from the list of filenames for that rule.


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