Shouldn't fixincludes remove assert.h instead of trying to fix it?

Jim Wilson
Wed Mar 18 15:23:00 GMT 1998

What happens if a file in /usr/include includes "assert.h" ?  What is
something in /usr/include/sys includes "../assert.h"?  We don't want
it to include the possibly broken /usr/include/assert.h.  We might have to
have an assert.h file in the fixinclude directory just to avoid this problem.

It doesn't necessarily have to be a fixed copy of the /usr/include/assert.h 
file though.  It could be perhaps be gcc's assert.h file instead.  Changing
where we install assert.h would require fixing some header file search 
directory problems though.  For instance, TOOL_INCLUDE_DIR comes before
GCC_INCLUDE_DIR when native but after cross, which means such a change may
have undesirable side-effects that will need to be dealt with.


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