[CVS-980314]: Three files out of date

Manfred Hollstein manfred@s-direktnet.de
Tue Mar 17 00:23:00 GMT 1998

On Mon, 16 March 1998, 20:16:26, wilson@cygnus.com wrote:

 > 	The following three files are not up to date; at least here, make always 
 > 	rebuilds them.
 >   gcc/cp/parse.c
 >   gcc/f/intdoc.texi
 >   libf2c/configure
 > Just because make rebuilds them does not mean that they are out-of-date.
 > Keep in mind that when you use CVS, the timestamps on the files are whenever
 > you check them out.  Because CVS checks out files in alphabetical order, and
 > these files comes before the files they are generated from, they will often
 > be rebuilt after an update.

Though this is true, I'm trying to avoid that using a shell function
which was initially proposed by Jason Marill and which I have been
fine-tuned a bit:

function egcs-up () {
	if [ ! -d CVS ] && [ ! -d egcs ]; then
		echo "First cd to your egcs cvsroot dir." >&2
		return 1
	find . -name configure.in -o -name '*.y' -o -name '*.gperf' -o -name '*parse.in' | sed -e 's,^\./,,' | xargs cvs update ${1+"$@"}
	find . -name config.in | sed -e 's,^\./,,' | xargs cvs update ${1+"$@"}
	cvs update -P ${1+"$@"}
	echo "EGCS${1+" $@"} updated on host ${HOST} at $(date +'%Y/%m/%d %X')" | tee -a UPDATELOG

 > I just tried rebuilding cp/parse.c and got the same file (ignoring bison
 > install dir differences).  Looking at the CVS logs I see that cp/parse.c
 > was last updated after cp/parse.y last changed.

Yes, cp/parse.c has been updated during the night after I have
sent my email.

 > Likewise, the CVS logs say libf2c/configure is OK.

>From looking at libf2c/configure's diffs, it's actually only a
timestamp issue; but, I don't understand why!?!?! I'm always using the 
above function for getting the sources :-?

 > There might be a problem with gcc/f/intdoc.texi.  It is unclear from the
 > CVS logs, and I don't happen to have a current fortran build.

Well, I don't build fortran either, but it's supposed to be build when 
doing a `make info'.

 > 	I don't send a patch right now as this is rather long.
 > Are there actual differences in your patches, or is there just noise
 > resulting from different autoconf/bison versions and install directories?
 > Jim

I just logged into egcs.cygnus.com, the following files are out of
date (at least, if one would believe `ls -tr'):

 - gcc/cp/parse.{c,h}
   $ ls -als parse.*
     14 -r--rw-r--   1 law      anoncvs     12739 Mar 15 23:04 parse.h,v
   4911 -r--rw-r--   1 jason    anoncvs   5007174 Mar 17 00:03 parse.c,v
    193 -r--rw-r--   1 jason    anoncvs    195831 Mar 17 00:03 parse.y,v

 - libf2c/configure
   $ ls -alstr libf2c/configure*
     70 -r-xr-xr-x   1 law      anoncvs     70340 Mar 15 22:32 configure,v
     14 -r--r--r--   1 law      anoncvs     13009 Mar 15 22:32 configure.in,v


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