Bug with const int, typedef and templates

Laurent Bonnaud bonnaud@irisa.fr
Mon Mar 16 08:22:00 GMT 1998


i think this is a bug in egcs (tested on version 980221) :

typedef const int cint;

template<class T>
class A
  T f(cint i);

template <class T>
T A<T>::f(cint i)

int main()
  A<int> a;

% g++ e.cpp 
e.cpp:12: prototype for `T A<T>::f(int)' does not match any in class `A<T>'
e.cpp:7: candidate is: T A<T>::f(const int)
e.cpp: In method `T A<T>::f(int)':
e.cpp:12: template definition of non-template `T A<T>::f(int)'

Note how the error message is inconsistent : it refers to 
`T A<T>::f(int)' instead of `T A<T>::f(const int)'.

If i replace 'cint' with 'const int' (i.e. i do not use a typedef),
then the program compiles.  I could not reproduce the same problem on a
non template class either.


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