Bootstrapping sparc-sun-solaris2.5.1 - missing rules for some .o files in libio

Michael Batchelor
Thu Mar 12 10:40:00 GMT 1998

I used GNU make 3.76, bash 2.01, SunPro cc 4.2 and this command to
configure and build egcs-1.01:

cd /home/mikebat/src/egcs-build
LANGUAGES="c c++ proto" BOOT_CFLAGS=-O2 ./configure
gmake bootstrap LANGUAGES="c c++ proto" BOOT_CFLAGS=-O2

When it comes time to build libio under libraries/libio, the "ar" step
fails because several objects never got made.  Rules for these objects
were missing from the Makefile.  The objects are peekc.o, iogetc.o,
ioputc.o, iofeof.o and ioferror.o.  I used the rules for the other
objects that were present as a template to add rules for the missing
objects, and the bootstrap went on to completion after restarting the

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