Internal compiler error 243 on RedHat 5.0

Steinar Bang
Thu Mar 12 08:04:00 GMT 1998

Platform: egcs 1.01 on RH5.0 (with what should be all updates) on a
	  Pentium II 300MHz box

~/2x/src/kernel$ gcc -c debug.cpp
In file included from kconnect.h:37,
                 from kcomplextyperep.h:48,
                 from kcomplextyperep.cpp:84:
klimit.h:51: Internal compiler error 243.
klimit.h:51: Please submit a full bug report to `'.

Gzip'd preprocessed source that causes the error can be retrieved from
	<URL: >
(approx. 62k)

egcs reports:
$ gcc -v
Reading specs from /home/sb/apps/lib/gcc-lib/i686-pc-linux-gnu/egcs-2.90.23/specs
gcc version egcs-2.90.23 980102 (egcs-1.0.1 release)    

- Steinar

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