GLOBAL constructor symbol names for static vars are bogus!

Brad M. Garcia
Thu Mar 12 04:42:00 GMT 1998

On Wed, 11 Mar 1998, Martin von Loewis wrote:

> > However, most file names contain periods (ex - "").  If I want
> > to call one of these constructors myself (which I need to do in
> > VxWorks, for example), gcc chokes on the name of the function because
> > it contains a period.
> Do you really need to call those yourself? Normally, you could have
> collect2 go over all the files and produce __main (or the like),
> which you then can call. Why doesn't this work?

Right now, I'm using munch (a program that VxWorks distributes) to gather
all the global constructors _and_ destructors and place them into two
arrays in a C file which can then be compiled and linked with everything
else.  These two arrays are known to the VxWorks run-time linker, which
will then call every function within them when loading or unloading a 

I am not very familiar with how collect2 works.  Could you explain to
me how I could invoke it to do something similar to what I described 
above?  Remember, all my linking is relocatable - I do not produce
any actual "programs".

> > Can the names for these global constructors be "mangled" differently,
> > or is there a way to get gcc to recognize the symbol in it's entirety,
> > even though it contains periods?
> If you really need to call it from source code, I assume you can use
> inline assembly to do so. Another option is to define NO_DOT_IN_LABEL
> for your target, in which case the period is replaced with an underscore.

I guess that requires me to recompile egcs.  I may just have to do that.

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