egcs 1.0.1 problems under Irix 6.3

michael pruett
Thu Mar 12 03:25:00 GMT 1998

As you are probably already aware, egcs has a lot of problems under Irix
6.3.  I'm writing to you right now to inform you that egcs 1.0.1 told me to
submit a bug report.

I was attempting to compile Moonlight Creator 0.4.1 under Irix 6.3, IDO 7.1,
and egcs 1.0.1.


OString.C: In method `class OString & OString::operator +=(char)':
OString.C:223: Internal compiler error.
OString.C:223: Please submit a full bug report to `'.


OString& OString::operator += ( char ch )
  assert( assigned() );
  assert( ch != 0 );

  realloc( theLength + 5 );	// mp: this is line 223
  theString[theLength++]= ch;
  theString[theLength]= 0;
  return *this;


In addition, ld gives me segmentation faults without fail when running g++
with the flag '-s'.  ld's man page has this to say about the '-s' option:
     -s   Strip the symbolic information from the output object file.

I've found both egcs and gcc 2.8.x to be essentially unusable under Irix 6.3
with IDO 7.1.  I have had some success with egcs 1.0.1 under Irix 6.2 and
IDO 7.0.1, but of course those systems implement the MIPS III ISA rather
than the MIPS IV ISA.  I suspect that at issue is egcs's lax enforcement of
its exclusively O32 ABI linking policy.

If I've raised any issues of which you were previously unaware, I'd be happy
to assist in tracking down specific problems.

Michael Pruett

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