building egcs-1.0.1 on cygwin32 B19

Emil Hallin
Wed Mar 4 10:08:00 GMT 1998

I am trying to build egcs-1.0.1 on cygwin32 B19 and am running into some
mystical errors:
when using the B19 supplied gcc to compile g77.c, I get the message:

g77.o: In function 'build_search_list':
/egcs/build/gcc/g77.c:1795: undefined reference to '_obstack_newchunk'
also on lines 1806 1809 1810 1819 the same message occurs.

There are two oddities here. First, the reference is to _obstack_grow on
those lines. That may not be much of a mystery, provided that
"_obstack_newchunk" is indirectly referenced through the address

Secondly, "obstack.c" DOES have a reference to _obstack_newchunk. Why
isn't the makefile finding the proper source code for that object? Do I
have to run something like "makedepend" before I do the bootstrap?

I am trying to build egcs on two platforms: cygwin32 B19 and linux
2.0.32 Redhat 5.0. Neither build works; the linux build comes much
closer (it actually completes and doesn't complain about anything) but
when I do a "make -k check" there are numerous unexpected failures.

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