can't find stdio, etc. building m68k-coff cross from i586-linux

Jeffrey A Law
Wed Mar 4 00:16:00 GMT 1998

  In message < >you write:
  > I am trying to build a set of cross compilers for an embedded
  > project.  I have m68k-coff and powerpc-elf targets and an i586-linux
  > host.  I first built egcs 1.0.1 native by doing a make bootstrap,
  > after building binutils  The native bootstrap went ok.
  > Now I build the save version of binutils targeted to m68k-coff and
  > that goes ok, but when I try to build the m68k-coff cross compiler, it 
  > dies thusly:
Did you supply a --with-headers argument to configure?

  > I think maybe the new native ecgs does not know where to find these
  > standard include files.  What have I "crossed up"?
THere is no standard place to find cross include files.


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