M68K codegen problem with `unsigned long long' - showstopper for NetBSD

Jeffrey A Law law@cygnus.com
Sat Aug 29 15:35:00 GMT 1998

  In message < Pine.NEB.4.02.9808281258330.448-101000@duhnet.net >you write:
  > >From reports sent me by <is@netbsd.org>, there seems to be a serious codegen
  > bug affecting `unsigned long long', or possibly even register constraints.
  > I can't reproduce it with a small test case, but I have attached m68k.tgz
  > which contains:
  > - prepro.c, the preprocessed C source which can be run through cc/cc1 to
  >   produce the resultant assembly/object;
  > - opt.s, the output of "cc -O -S prepro.c"
  > - nonopt.s, the output of "cc -S prepro.c"
  > Target is m68k-netbsd, but I could cause the same codegen on "m68k-coff",
  > so it seems to affect all m68k variants.
It's a 3+ year old bug in the m68k backend.  Yes, you read that correctly,
this bug was introduced in May 1995.  So, this bug is actually in
gcc2.7.2, gcc-2.8 and egcs1.0 :(

I'll have a patch checked into the mainline and branch sources
in a few minutes.


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