egcs-19980803 (pre-1.1) mips regressions

Kaveh R. Ghazi
Thu Aug 27 14:12:00 GMT 1998

 > From: Jim Wilson <>
 > This patch fixes the regressions you reported, but I haven't tried running
 > the entire testsuite with this patch.
 > Thu Aug 13 19:55:05 1998  Jim Wilson  <>
 > 	* reload1.c (eliminate_regs_in_insn): Handle another case when
 > 	eliminating the frame pointer to the hard frame pointer.  Add
 > 	missing	ep->to_rtx check to one existing case.


	I don't think I ever replied to you regarding this, I'm a little
behind on my email. :-)

	Your patch does indeed fix the problem I reported and does not
cause any regressions when running the test suite. 

	Thanks for your quick diagnosis and fix.  You responsiveness is
greatly appreciated. 

Kaveh R. Ghazi			Project Manager / Custom Development		Icon CMT Corp.

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