Bug report (egcs 1.0.2)

root root@sixfeetunder.obituary.notreal
Thu Aug 27 14:12:00 GMT 1998

I have encountered an internal compiler error when compiling 
kpackage-0.9.02. That was using egcs c++. I don't have g++
to see if it has the same behaviour. I'm running RedHat 5.1.
Hope this helps. If you need further information I'll be glad
to answer them (Such as things I can do to help finding the bug).


6 -fno-strength-reduce -c managementWidget.cpp
managementWidget.cpp: In method `int managementWidget::searchChild(class KTreeViewItem *, const char *, bool)':
managementWidget.cpp:297: Internal compiler error.
managementWidget.cpp:297: Please submit a full bug report to `egcs-bugs@cygnus.com'.


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