Is 'export' supported?

Martin von Loewis
Thu Aug 27 00:39:00 GMT 1998

> Also, is the 'export' keyword supported by egcs at all?

No, it is not supported at all. Contributions providing this feature
would be greatly appreciated; this is a non-trivial task, though.

If you just want to organize your source, you can #include out.c at
the end of out.h; see bastring.{h,cc} for an example. On compilers
that do support export, you just #ifdef the include.

If you rather want to avoid duplicating the assembler code in every
object file, please have a look at the various instantiation
mechanisms of egcs. Note that the default mechanism (i.e. link once)
generates large object files, but duplicate code is removed when

Hope this helps,

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