bug with f77 on ppc egcs-1.1 prerelease

Greg Zornetzer gaz@andrew.cmu.edu
Wed Aug 26 15:00:00 GMT 1998

Today, I was able to reproduce the problem on the machine, using the very
latest egcs release from 08-24-98.  Here's some info on the machine.
Machine: PowerPC, running LinuxPPC
Binutils: GNU 2.9.1
Compilers affected: EGCS 1.02, 1.03, pre1.1.

The problem occurs because the back-end generates calls to the stfs
command using an operand of 65536, when the range of the operator is
-32768 to 32767.

I've placed a copy of the fortran file, and the assembler output at

I have almost no experience with compiler hacking (even less with PPC
assembler, I can't do anymore on this without suggestions.  The file
compiles fine on intel machines.

Greg Zornetzer - gaz+@andrew.cmu.edu
"Light shines brightest in the darkest night"

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