multithreaded EH is still broken on Linux/Alpha and other platforms

Sai-Lai Lo
Tue Aug 25 03:36:00 GMT 1998

>>>>> Jason Merrill writes:

>>>>> H J Lu <> writes:
>> The Linux/x86 EH bug has nothing to do with thread.

> No, it has to do with you forgetting to define the copy constructor.

You are right in that egcs did a copy using the copy constructor.
This behaviour is different from other compilers:

As Lu has pointed out, Sun's CC 4.2 does not invoke the copy constructor. 

DEC C++ v 6.0 does not invoke the copy constructor (but DEC C++ v 5.6 does).

g++ 2.7.2 invoke the copy constructor but miss out one call to the

I do not know which is suppose to be the standard conforming behaviour.

Just another minor point that can catch the unawared I suppose..


Sai-Lai Lo

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