Internal compiler error during gdb 4.17 make

David S. Miller
Thu Aug 20 00:04:00 GMT 1998

   Date: Wed, 19 Aug 1998 09:18:18 -0500
   From: Rick Ohnemus <>

   Reading specs from /usr/local/lib/gcc-lib/sparc-sun-solaris2.6/egcs-2.92.00/specs
   gcc version egcs-2.92.00 19980819 (gcc2 ss-980609 experimental)

   valarith.c: In function `value_neg':
   valarith.c:1175: internal error--unrecognizable insn:
   (insn 231 128 232 (set (reg:SF 40 %f8)
	   (neg (reg:SF 36 %f4))) -1 (nil)
   ../../gcc/toplev.c:1365: Internal compiler error in function fatal_insn

It can't be from the latest tree because I fixed this bug yesterday.
At least I think I did.

Please check line 6489 in gcc/config/sparc/ in your egcs tree
and make sure it reads:

  [(set (match_dup 2) (neg:SF (match_dup 3)))
   (set (match_dup 4) (match_dup 5))]

The important bit is that it says "(neg:SF (" and not
just plain "(neg (" in the first line.  If it has the later, you need
to update.

David S. Miller

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