--without-local-prefix Does Not Work

Vin Shelton acs@alumni.princeton.edu
Sun Aug 16 15:34:00 GMT 1998

The configure option '--without-local-prefix' has not worked in either
of the 2 most recent snapshots, 08/03 or 08/16.  It worked successfully
on the 07/27 snapshot.  The gcc/Makefile generated from these snapshots
contains the following line:

	local_prefix = /usr/local

The 07/27 snapshot, when configured with the option '--without-local-prefix'
contained instead the following line:

	local_prefix = no

Thank you,
  Vin Shelton

PS. I believe this is platform-independent, but in case it matters, this
is on a UnxWare 2.1.2 dual PentiumPro computer.  config.guess identifies
it as 'i386-pc-sysv4.2uw2.1.2'.

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