Last minute holidays!!

Gabriel Paubert
Mon Aug 3 10:47:00 GMT 1998

On Mon, 3 Aug 1998 wrote:

> As someone who has previously shown an interest in holidays on 
> Spain's Costa del Sol we thought you might like to visit our latest 
> WEB site relating to rental accommodation on the Costa del Sol, the 
> Canaries and other areas of touristic interest, including the USA.
> We still have space available for August, so it is not too late!

First of all, I did not ask for anything. This is called spamming and 
I had never taken the time to answer if it were not funny enough given
the following circumstances. 
Second, I happen to leave close to the Costa del Sol (less than 2 hours
drive), and can arrange myself anything I might need if I ever wanted to. 
I'm fluent enough in Spanish after leaving here in Granada for 12 years. 
The same holds true for Canaries where I have relatives.

Third, if there is a single place in the world where I would not like to
take vacation, it is precisely the Costa del Sol, especially in July and
August. There are much better places along the coast which have not been
spoiled by tourism (or at least not to the same degree), but I won't tell
you which ones.

Conclusion: you are losing your time and make me lose mine. I for one have
decided to boycott any company from which I receive spam. Please stop this
practice and have a look at the upcoming legislation in some countries or
states to know what you are exposing yourself to. When people look for
something on the net, they are hopefully smart enough to use search


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