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Sat Aug 1 07:52:00 GMT 1998

In a message dated 7/31/98 10:29:16 PM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

> If binutils/gas was configured and installed with the same prefix
>  that you use for egcs, then egcs should *always* find gas before
>  the system assembler.  It it doesn't, then that is a very serious
>  bug.
 As you can see just from today's postings, I'm not the only one seeing these
problems.  Something is going wrong with search paths and linker specification
in the stage bootstraps, and it's not limited to just one environment, and not
fully cured with recent snapshots.  It's not a big issue on Irix6, as long as
you know about it, because there it's logical to specify the local environment
default options for as, and it's not normal to try --with-gnu-as.  And it's
not a big issue on NT/cygwin32 because the only bad thing that happens is that
the comparisons of objc and g77 between builds are bogus, as there wasn't
actually a rebuild.

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