Undefined __register_frame_info problem

Jim Wilson wilson@cygnus.com
Thu Apr 23 18:20:00 GMT 1998

	All the programs on my system that
	exhibit this problem do not use any shared libraries except for those
	included within glibc which was installed on the system as a update
	from redhat.

I believe the problem is related to this, and that Jeff Law's message
is close to the mark.

The update patch probably included a shared library, or dynamically linked
program, that required a libgcc.a that includes the new functions.  When
you run a program, the dynamic linker needs to find libgcc.a, and the one
it is finding is the gcc- libgcc.a which doesn't have these functions.
Apparently, on the machine that the update patch was built, the default
libgcc.a did have these functions.

You might be able to work around this by modifying the ld.so cache, or maybe
setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH, so that the egcs libgcc.a will be found first.
Or maybe setting LD_RUN_PATH before running gcc would help.  Some of these
things may cause problems for programs compiled by gcc though.

I don't know how you would fix this other than compiling stuff yourself,
so as to make everything on the system consistent.  And getting that right
is probably hard also.


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