egcs-1.0.2 does not build on Linux with glibc1

Jeffrey A Law
Wed Apr 22 22:59:00 GMT 1998

  In message < >you write:

  > Ok, I'll try to be more specific.
  >     1.  I started with a stock RH 5.0 system
  >             /usr/include/features.h was from glibc2
  >             (It defined __GLIBC__ to be 2)
  >     2.  I downloaded, compiled, and installed libc-5.4.44
  >             /usr/include/features.h was overwritten
  >             (It no longer defined __GLIBC__ to be anything at all)
  >     3.  I downloaded, compiled, and installed binutils-
  >             (config.guess spits out i586-pc-linux-gnulibc1)
  >             (due to the "incorrect" features.h)
  >     4.  Now, while building egcs-1.0.2 - I get compiles that eat
  >         up all of virtual memory.  Depending on which linux kernel
  >         I'm running I either get a hang or and Exhausted Virtual Memory
  >         error.
I think you tried to change too much at once.  In the process you've
backed yourself into a corner you may not be able to easily get
out of.

If you can get your system working again, I recommend you avoid
changing libc at all (why did you do that in the first place?).

You might even avoid changing binutils the first time though -- it
should only effect exception handling support.  You can always
go back and add binutils after you've successfully got egcs-1.0.2
built and running.

Actually, later in your message is sounds like you did back out
some of the changes and concentrated on getting egcs-1.0.2 running
first before changing all the other stuff.  Good :-)


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