stdio&unistd for cross compilation

Jim Wilson
Mon Apr 20 20:34:00 GMT 1998

	I'm not even sure where I would put these headers so that gcc could find

Use --with-headers=FOO and --with-libraries=BAR when configuring egcs, where
FOO and BAR are directory names containing the target headers and libraries.
I suspect that you don't actually need --with-libraries.

	What's more, now the cross-compiler is specific to a particular
	OS or C-library, where before I could make a generic cross compiler.

I can see where this would have been possible back when gcc had a much simpler
libgcc library.  However, I doubt that the usefulness of this is great
enough that we should change what we are doing.  As we add more features to
gcc, libgcc.a is unavoidably becoming more system specific.

The runtime libraries, libf2c, libstdc++, libobjc, have always been system
specific, so it makes no sense for EGCS as a whole to be system independent.


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