IDENTIFIER_NODE accessed as declaration

Martin von Loewis
Sat Apr 18 09:45:00 GMT 1998

When compiling SYSCALLS.c on i486-pc-linux-gnu, the current egcs
uses incorrect TYPE_NAMEs:

(gdb) l
359          tree t;
360          formals_style style;
361     {
362       tree chain_p;
364       if (TYPE_NAME (t) && DECL_NAME (TYPE_NAME (t)))
365         data_type = IDENTIFIER_POINTER (DECL_NAME (TYPE_NAME (t)));
366       else
367         {
368           switch (TREE_CODE (t))
(gdb) p debug_tree(t->
 <identifier_node 0x81f20c8 stat allocated from permanent_obstack

The backtrace is

#0  fatal (s=0x81ab4e5 "%s:%d: Expect '%c', have '%c'\n")
    at /usr/src1/egcs/gcc/toplev.c:1560
#1  0x8082585 in tree_class_check (node=0x81f20c8, cl=100 'd', 
    file=0x81a7874 "/usr/src1/egcs/gcc/c-aux-info.c", line=364)
    at /usr/src1/egcs/gcc/tree.c:4983
#2  0x806af76 in gen_type (ret_val=0x820c988 "*", t=0x81f20fc, style=ansi)
    at /usr/src1/egcs/gcc/c-aux-info.c:364
#3  0x806b0cf in gen_type (ret_val=0x81a785d "", t=0x820bc10, style=ansi)
    at /usr/src1/egcs/gcc/c-aux-info.c:381
#4  0x806acbf in gen_formal_list_for_type (fntype=0x820bd54, style=ansi)
    at /usr/src1/egcs/gcc/c-aux-info.c:180
#5  0x806b1af in gen_type (ret_val=0x820b9c8 "_fxstat", t=0x820bd54, 
    style=ansi) at /usr/src1/egcs/gcc/c-aux-info.c:401
#6  0x806b73b in gen_decl (decl=0x820bdb8, is_func_definition=0, style=ansi)
    at /usr/src1/egcs/gcc/c-aux-info.c:580
#7  0x806b803 in gen_aux_info_record (fndecl=0x820bdb8, is_definition=0, 
    is_implicit=0, is_prototyped=1) at /usr/src1/egcs/gcc/c-aux-info.c:624
#8  0x80582c8 in start_decl (declarator=0x820bd38, declspecs=0x820b9d0, 
    initialized=0, attributes=0x0, prefix_attributes=0x0)
    at /usr/src1/egcs/gcc/c-decl.c:3741
#9  0x804b70a in yyparse () at c-parse.y:1018
#10 0x8072d7e in compile_file (name=0xbffffa1e "SYSCALLS.i")
    at /usr/src1/egcs/gcc/toplev.c:2545

Hope this helps,

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