[1.0.2] Irix 5.3: static uninitialized data not zeroed

Jeffrey A Law law@cygnus.com
Fri Apr 17 21:10:00 GMT 1998

  In message < tprg1jc5ou6.fsf@cs.ucsb.edu >you write:
  > When temacs dumps the new binary, all of the variables in the (S)Bss
  > section are dumped with their runtime values.  Hence, when the new
  > xemacs binary is run, many of the uninitialized variables have nonzero
  > values.  The startup code promptly zeroes out the global uninitialized
  > variables ... but it doesn't zero out the static uninitialized
  > variables.  This fools the program into thinking that it has initialized
  > memory management (since __malloc_initialized is set to 1), leading to
  > the segfault when it tries to access the heap through the (zeroed)
  > global heap pointer.
  > I'd like to determine if this is a problem with the egcs startup code on
  > Irix 5, or a problem with the XEmacs dump code.  However, this is
  > unknown territory for me.  Can someone tell me how to determine which
  > program is at fault?  (BTW, I've posted a similar request to
  > comp.emacs.xemacs, so hopefully somebody in one camp or the other will
  > be able to help with this!)
IMHO this is a bug in xemacs/undump.


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