HP-UX 9.05 Installation Problems

Michael C. Andrews Andrews1@ix.netcom.com
Fri Apr 17 19:40:00 GMT 1998

When installing egcs-1.0.2 under HPUX 9.05 I ran into the following

1. The compile fails early in the make bootstrap when it tries to 
compile the g77 compiler.  The following works:

     mkdir <objdir>
     cd <objdir>
     <srcdir>/configure --with-gnu-as 
     gmake bootstrap
        (fails after a couple of minutes) 
     ln -s <srcdir>/gcc/gcc.c gcc/g77.c
     gmake bootstrap
        (completes the build)

2. The 'make install' step requires that root have write access to the 
<objdir> directory.  While this is fine for a local system, trying to
install when the source is mounted via NFS causes problems.  I forget
which file it was trying to create, but could this be avoided by doing 
some extra work during the 'make bootstrap' step?  I think the 'make
install' should only write files into the installation locations.

3. The standard include file <exception> is not found during compiles 
(the compiler skips it silently).  It is installed in:


Copying the file to:


fixes the problem.

Thanks for a great job,

Michael Andrews

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