egcs-1.0.2 does not build on Linux with glibc1

Dan A. Dickey
Fri Apr 17 10:21:00 GMT 1998

Hi all, I'm not a regular subscriber to this list so I'll just watch
the discussion via the archive unless people CC: me.

Anyways, I noticed that egcs-1.0.2 does not build on my RedHat Linux 5.0

system when binutils builds the i586-pc-linux-gnulibc1 configuration.
binutils would think this on my system because I "upgraded" my libc5
to libc5.4.44 which blew away /usr/include/features.h (which came from
glibc-devel.2.0.7-5.i386.rpm).  The one in the glibc rpm make binutils
create the i586-pc-linux-gnu configuration - which egcs-1.0.2 will build

on.  So, I learned a little lesson here.  I may soon get around to
rebuilding libc5.4.44 and installing it - and then very quickly
rebuilding glibc2 and installing it again.

However, I was wondering what people using RedHat 4.2 systems can do -
they don't have glibc2 to start with, nor egcs.  So, how does one build
a working binutils (which needs glibc2 for egcs to be able to build
itself), without glibc2?  (I think you need egcs to build glibc2).

Oh yes..!!!  gcc 2.8.1...  perhaps that cracks the egg.
(As in the chicken and egg problem - no pun intended [really!]).

So, any solutions?  Thanks for your time!    -Dan

Dan A. Dickey

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