Failed build of egcs-980411 on SGI/IRIX-6.5

Mark Mitchell
Fri Apr 17 10:21:00 GMT 1998

>>>>> "Jim" == Jim Wilson <> writes:

    Jim> 	a) when using "--enable-threads", the first stage of
    Jim> "gmake bootstrap" fails because the file "gthr-irix.h" is
    Jim> missing.

    Jim> No one has contributed this file yet.  Someone who
    Jim> understands the irix thread support will need to write the
    Jim> stub routines needed in this file.  If there is no such thing
    Jim> as `irix' threads, and we should instead be using posix
    Jim> threads, or pthreads, or something else that is already
    Jim> supported, then that would be easy to fix.

    Jim> 	b) without "--enable-threads", the second stage fails
    Jim> with an "internal compiler error:

    Jim> The C++ front end is broken.  Almost everyone has run into
    Jim> this.  Hopefully it will be fixed in time for the next
    Jim> snapshot.

I have submitted patches that make the C++ front-end work, and I know
that they work on IRIX 6.4.  You should be able to get them from the
archives.  I haven't heard a peep from Jason lately, so I assume he is
either taking a well-deserved vacation, or else fighting some fire at

    Jim> Jim

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