One Million Dollars FREE!

Secret FREE Giveaway
Wed Apr 15 01:09:00 GMT 1998

               One Million Dollar Bill FREE!

Bet you have never seen a MILLION DOLLAR BILL before must less held
one in your hands!  To be able to actually feel the texture of the
finely engraved surface and smell the new ink!  Can you imagine the
look on your friends and families faces when you show them a REAL,

Not to mention you will never be 'broke' with a Million Dollars in
your pocket!

Lets face it - How many people do you know with a Million Dollars?

To get your own FREE Million Dollar Bill:

Send a Self-Addressed, STAMPED #10 Business Envelope (SASE)
and $2.00 (USD) per bill handling to: (limit 5)

    WEB of Millions
    POBox 802-cb
    CLEMMONS NC 27012-0802

If outside of USA, please include $1.00 (USD) extra for US Postage with
Self-Addressed, #10 Business Envelope (4-1/8" x 9-1/2")

    Name: ________________________________________________
    Address: _____________________________________________
    City: _____________________ State: _____ Zip: ________
    Country: ___________ Email: ____________@_____________

    O R D E R   T O D A Y ! ! !

Special Offer good   O N L Y   with your FREE bill order:

      100 Bills for $75.00.  (1,000 price break)

   1,000 Bills for $600.00.  (10,000 price break)

10,000 Bills for $5,000.00.  (20,000 price break)

Great new advertising concept!  Give them a Million Dollars! NO ONE
throws Money away!  Can you say that for your Business Cards, or ink
pens, or calenders?  Custom Printing available.

    O R D E R   T O D A Y ! ! !

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