configure bug? / questions to gcc

Martin Kahlert
Wed Apr 8 01:12:00 GMT 1998

I have some questions:

1. Why does egcs-980404 install libf2c into /usr/local/lib
   when doing a 'make cross;make install'? 
   There it overwrites the native version of it, which makes
   the native g77 worthless. I think it should go into

2. I usually make an obj directory an then a
   cd obj;
   I realized, that configure changes <source-dir-of-egcs>/
   (I think i configured first cross compiler for a
    different target system, made it and after a
    rm -rf obj/* i configured for the native compiler.
    Then the compilation failed) After i reinstalled the
    source, it went o.k. I thought, that the trick with the
    obj-dir is, that you can have your sources mounted read-only.
    Isn't this correct?

3. I would like to do some hacking of gcc/g77. Is there some
   documentation about the compiler internals? How does it work?
   Which intermediate code? How is code-generaion done? What
   has the front end to provide, which file implements what?...
   How long did it take you to get an principal idea of the way it

Best regards and thanks for help,

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