egcs-2.91.16 980328: gcc -O2 gets fatal signal 6 on regex.c

Ulrich Drepper
Tue Apr 7 18:45:00 GMT 1998

Jim Wilson <> writes:

> Richard has already installed his own patch.  Please resubmit your own patch
> separately, instead of mixed up with other people's patches.  It looks like
> you have some pic label stuff that we need.

In fact almost all the changes are done by Richard so I wanted to
provide him the possiblity to see which patch worked.  But I certainly
can update my patch based on what is checked in.

> I don't see the point of any of this.  My egcs build does define __i686__.
> Yours doesn't?  Why?

The problem is a different.  If you configure your gcc for
i686-linux-gnu and than later want to use the new gcc like this:

	gcc -mpentium

the problem is that __i686__ still is defined.  This is wrong since
now __i586__ (and __i386__) must be defined.  In headers I want to use

	#ifdef __i686__
	some asm using i686 opcodes
	boring old i386 code

which is impossible with the current specs files (unless you
explicitly use -u__i686__).

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