__throw link resolution problem

Jason Merrill jason@cygnus.com
Tue Apr 7 17:08:00 GMT 1998

>>>>> Todd Vierling <tv@pobox.com> writes:

> On Mon, 30 Mar 1998, Jonathan Clark wrote:
> : When linking I get the following messages :
> : 
> : /home/jc/code/i4/image/t_line.hh:129: undefined reference to `__throw'
> : /home/jc/code/golg/map_view.cc:43: undefined reference to `__rtti_si'
> : 
> : however I have never used catch or throw in my program.

> Ah, but egcs now has exceptions and RTTI turned on by default, and those...


> : I do not link with or use any part of libstdc++.a

> ...require linking with libstdc++.

No.  All the language support code has been moved into libgcc.  Sounds
like the compiler wasn't built properly.

> No worries, though; if you don't use RTTI or exceptions, try:

> g++ -fno-rtti -fno-exceptions ...

That makes sense just to reduce the size of your code, but I'd check into
why you were getting the failures in the first place.


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