egcs-971023 problem

Toshiyasu Morita
Fri Oct 24 13:06:00 GMT 1997

System: SGI Indigo 2 High Impact, R4400 IP22 @ 250 Mhz
OS: Irix 6.2 stock OS, stock IDO 6.2

If egcs-971023 is installed as the gcc for the machine, and the Cygnus 
97r1 sources are configured as --target=i386-go32 and compiled, the gcc 
compiler wedges when trying to compile dummy.c:

-B/usr/people/tm/97r1/mips-i386-go32/gcc/ -dumpspecs > tmp-specs
mv tmp-specs specs rm -f gfloat.h
cp ../../src/gcc/config/float-i64.h gfloat.h
rm -f include/float.h
cp gfloat.h include/float.h
chmod a+r include/float.h
touch stmp-headers
echo "__foo () {}" > dummy.c
-B/usr/people/tm/97r1/mips-i386-go32/gcc/ -DCROSS_COMPILE -DIN_GCC   -g 
-I./include  -c dummy.c

and the machine locks up.

This happened on egcs-971016 as well.


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