egcs-971016 problems with -lm on IRIX 6.2

Jim Wilson
Tue Oct 21 23:46:00 GMT 1997

	It looks like collect2 is being installed as "ld" but where is the real 
	system linker invoked?

collect2 invokes the real system linker.

	Anybody have any insight as to why it's not finding libm.a?
	I do have a libm.a:

	pooh 15% ls -la /usr/lib/libm.a
	-r--r--r-- 1 root sys 212884 Oct 21 13:31 /usr/lib/libm.a

No, that isn't the math library.  Or rather, that isn't the right one.
Gcc generates N32 code, and hence needs the N32 math library, which is in
/usr/lib32.  There should be a /usr/lib32/mips3/libm.a and lots of other
stuff in /usr/lib32.  You may need to install some N32 libraries.


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