Error accessing protected member

Andrey Slepuhin
Sat Oct 18 11:51:00 GMT 1997

Compiling the following code with egcs-971016:
class A
  void f(){}

class B :
  public A
int c;

class C :
  virtual public B
  void f() { A::f(); }

void main ()
C x;
I get the following error message:
tmp.C: In method `void C::f()':
tmp.C:4: `void A::f()' is protected
tmp.C:17: within this context
(This code is localized from OmniBroker 2.0b4, so it works
fine with most of C++ compilers and gcc-2.7.2 too)
Removing "virtual" all works fine. Virtuality of A->B inheritance
doesn't affect to compilation result.
I didn't find anything in new C++ draft that can explain such effect,
so it seems like egcs bug.

Andrey Slepuhin,
Moscow State University

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