Error while compiling crtbegin.o (egcs 970925)

Jeffrey A Law
Wed Oct 8 13:42:00 GMT 1997

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  > Hello,
  > I have a problem while compiling crtbegin.o with egcs-970925 on a
  > Sequent (Dynix 4.22) :
Unfortunately, none of the primary developers has access to a sequent,
so you'll have to do a lot of the legwork to make gcc work on this platform.

  > /step2/2/egcs/i386-sequent-sysv4/bin/as: unrecognized option
  > `-no_0f_fix'
  > make: *** [crtbegin.o] Error 1
I guess my first question would be are you using gas or the assembler
provided by sequent?

The "-no_0f_fix" argument might be specific to one or the other
assembler.  If one accepts it, but the other does not, then you'll
have to change the sequent configuration stuff to avoid the argument
when not using a certain assembler.

If neither assembler accepts the argument, then you'll have to change
gcc so that it doesn't try to use -no_0f_fix on newer versions of 

  > Note : in this version of egcs, there was a little problem in ptx4.h :
  > characters '/*' are missing at line 338 :
I've fixed this.  Thanks,


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