patch to configure script

Jeffrey A Law
Tue Oct 7 16:16:00 GMT 1997

  In message < >you write:
  > I have made a small change to the configure script. I use the gnu m4
  > macro processor only for autoconf. Using gnu m4 would require a lot of
  > testing of current software that I don't want to do. The patch below
  > checks for gm4 gnum4 and m4 executables. This is the same sequence as
  > autoconf uses in its configuration script.
I don't see anything particularly wrong with your patch.  However, I
wonder exactly what problem you're trying to solve.

It shouldn't be necessary for you to need m4 to build egcs -- unless
your actually making patches to and friends.  Is that
the case you're trying to make work better for you?


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