ctor fails: vector<int>(size_type, int)

Mark Mitchell mmitchell@usa.net
Tue Oct 7 10:49:00 GMT 1997

>>>>> "Yotam" == Yotam Medini <yotamm@tmai.com> writes:

    Yotam> Thanks for the educated answer.  In that
    Yotam> http://www.cygnus.com/ml/egcs/1997-Oct/0162.html the
    Yotam> suggested style is vector v((size_t) 3, 5); Is 'size_t'
    Yotam> definition guaranteed to be included by #include <vector> ?
    Yotam> -- yotam

Yes.   If you look in <vector> you will see that some function
prototypes use size_t, so it should be defined at that point.

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