Fortran Shared Coarrays for GCC 11

David Edelsohn
Fri Oct 23 23:29:34 GMT 2020

On Fri, Oct 23, 2020 at 12:52 PM Nicolas König <> wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I'm hoping to get shared coarrays for fortran (the devel/coarray_native
> branch) merged for GCC 11 as an experimental feature, but, since the
> library uses a lot of low-level routines, I'm a bit scared of breaking
> bootstrap. It would be great if some people with more unusual setup-ups
> could try building with the branch (at the moment, I have tested it on
> Linux both on Power and x86_64). The focus at the moment is just on
> bootstrap.
> Thanks in advance!

The GNU Compile Farm has a wide variety of systems on which you can
test bootstrap.

I tested the branch on AIX and it broke because the new files are
violating a GCC coding style convention: the libgfortran.h header file
MUST be the first header file included.  Some of the new files in the
libgfortran/nca subdirectory include system header files first.  This
is verboten.

It also is incorrect to include libgfortran.h in the source code, and
again include it in the coarrays header files.  And some system header
files are included in source code and some in the coarrays header
files.  The header file inclusion style should be consistent.

But, most importantly, libgfortran.h MUST be included first in any
coarrays source code file.

Thanks, David

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