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 Generalized Numeric operations
 Binary Search
 Set Operations
 Condition Variables
 Node handles
 Unordered Associative
 Dynamic Bitset.
 Policy-Based Data Structures
 Base and Policy Classes
 Base and Policy Classes
 Base and Policy Classes
 Data Structure Type
 Invalidation Guarantees
 File System
 Iterator Tags
 Bit manipulation
 Complex Numbers
 Decimal Floating-Point Arithmetic
 Mathematical Special Functions
 Mathematical constants
 Numeric Arrays
 Random Number Generation
 Random Number Distributions
 Bernoulli Distributions
 Normal Distributions
 Poisson Distributions
 Uniform Distributions
 Random Number Generators
 Random Number Utilities
 TR1 Mathematical Special Functions
 Regular Expressions
 Base and Implementation Classes
 Technical Specifications
 Filesystem TS
 Library Fundamentals TS
 Array creation functions
 Const-propagating wrapper
 Detection idiom
 Logical operator traits
 Optional values
 Type-safe container of any type
 Variable template for type traits
 Parallelism TS
 Data parallel extensions
 Function Objects
 Adaptors for pointers to functions
 Adaptors for pointers to members
 Arithmetic Function Object Classes
 Binder Classes
 Boolean Operations Classes
 Comparison Classes
 Pointer Abstractions
 Pointer Safety and Garbage Collection
 Variable templates for type traits
 Rational Arithmetic