std::__detail::_StateSeq< _TraitsT > Class Template Reference

Public Types

typedef _NFA< _TraitsT > _RegexT

Public Member Functions

 _StateSeq (_RegexT &__nfa, _StateIdT __s)
 _StateSeq (_RegexT &__nfa, _StateIdT __s, _StateIdT __end)
void _M_append (_StateIdT __id)
void _M_append (const _StateSeq &__s)
_StateSeq _M_clone ()

Public Attributes

_StateIdT _M_end
_RegexT & _M_nfa
_StateIdT _M_start

Detailed Description

template<typename _TraitsT>
class std::__detail::_StateSeq< _TraitsT >

Describes a sequence of one or more _State, its current start and end(s). This structure contains fragments of an NFA during construction.

Definition at line 355 of file regex_automaton.h.

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