std::__detail::_Executor< _BiIter, _Alloc, _TraitsT, __dfs_mode > Class Template Reference

Public Types

typedef iterator_traits< _BiIter >::value_type _CharT
typedef _TraitsT::char_class_type _ClassT
typedef regex_constants::match_flag_type _FlagT
typedef _NFA< _TraitsT > _NFAT
typedef basic_regex< _CharT, _TraitsT > _RegexT
typedef std::vector< sub_match< _BiIter >, _Alloc > _ResultsVec

Public Member Functions

 _Executor (_BiIter __begin, _BiIter __end, _ResultsVec &__results, const _RegexT &__re, _FlagT __flags)
bool _M_match ()
bool _M_search ()
bool _M_search_from_first ()

Public Attributes

_BiIter _M_begin
_ResultsVec _M_cur_results
_BiIter _M_current
const _BiIter _M_end
_FlagT _M_flags
bool _M_has_sol
const _NFAT & _M_nfa
const _RegexT_M_re
vector< pair< _BiIter, int > > _M_rep_count
_State_info< __search_mode, _ResultsVec_M_states

Detailed Description

template<typename _BiIter, typename _Alloc, typename _TraitsT, bool __dfs_mode>
class std::__detail::_Executor< _BiIter, _Alloc, _TraitsT, __dfs_mode >

Takes a regex and an input string and does the matching.

The _Executor class has two modes: DFS mode and BFS mode, controlled by the template parameter __dfs_mode.

Definition at line 52 of file regex_executor.h.

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