std::discrete_distribution< _IntType >::param_type Struct Reference

Public Types

typedef discrete_distribution< _IntType > distribution_type

Public Member Functions

template<typename _InputIterator >
 param_type (_InputIterator __wbegin, _InputIterator __wend)
 param_type (const param_type &)=default
 param_type (initializer_list< double > __wil)
template<typename _Func >
 param_type (size_t __nw, double __xmin, double __xmax, _Func __fw)
param_typeoperator= (const param_type &)=default
std::vector< double > probabilities () const


class discrete_distribution< _IntType >
bool operator!= (const param_type &__p1, const param_type &__p2)
bool operator== (const param_type &__p1, const param_type &__p2)

Detailed Description

template<typename _IntType = int>
struct std::discrete_distribution< _IntType >::param_type

Parameter type.

Definition at line 5289 of file random.h.

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