std::_Node_handle_common< _Val, _NodeAlloc > Class Template Reference

Public Types

using allocator_type = __alloc_rebind< _NodeAlloc, _Val >

Public Member Functions

bool empty () const noexcept
allocator_type get_allocator () const noexcept
 operator bool () const noexcept

Protected Member Functions

 _Node_handle_common (_Node_handle_common &&__nh) noexcept
 _Node_handle_common (typename _AllocTraits::pointer __ptr, const _NodeAlloc &__alloc)
void _M_swap (_Node_handle_common &__nh) noexcept
_Node_handle_commonoperator= (_Node_handle_common &&__nh) noexcept

Protected Attributes

_AllocTraits::pointer _M_ptr


template<typename _Key2 , typename _Value2 , typename _KeyOfValue , typename _Compare , typename _ValueAlloc >
class _Rb_tree

Detailed Description

template<typename _Val, typename _NodeAlloc>
class std::_Node_handle_common< _Val, _NodeAlloc >

Base class for node handle types of maps and sets.

Definition at line 49 of file node_handle.h.

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