std::__detail::_Local_iterator_base< _Key, _Value, _ExtractKey, _Hash, _RangeHash, _Unused, true > Struct Template Reference
Inheritance diagram for std::__detail::_Local_iterator_base< _Key, _Value, _ExtractKey, _Hash, _RangeHash, _Unused, true >:

Public Types

using __node_type = _Hash_node< _Value, _Cache_hash_code >

Public Member Functions

std::size_t _M_get_bucket () const

Public Attributes


Protected Types

using __base_node_iter = _Node_iterator_base< _Value, true >
using __hash_code_base = _Hash_code_base< _Key, _Value, _ExtractKey, _Hash, _RangeHash, _Unused, true >

Protected Member Functions

 _Local_iterator_base (const __hash_code_base &, _Hash_node< _Value, true > *__p, std::size_t __bkt, std::size_t __bkt_count)
void _M_incr ()

Protected Attributes

std::size_t _M_bucket
std::size_t _M_bucket_count

Detailed Description

template<typename _Key, typename _Value, typename _ExtractKey, typename _Hash, typename _RangeHash, typename _Unused>
struct std::__detail::_Local_iterator_base< _Key, _Value, _ExtractKey, _Hash, _RangeHash, _Unused, true >

Partial specialization used when nodes contain a cached hash code.

Definition at line 1320 of file hashtable_policy.h.

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