std::pmr::unsynchronized_pool_resource Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for std::pmr::unsynchronized_pool_resource:

Public Member Functions

 unsynchronized_pool_resource (const pool_options &__opts)
 unsynchronized_pool_resource (const pool_options &__opts, memory_resource *__upstream)
 unsynchronized_pool_resource (const unsynchronized_pool_resource &)=delete
 unsynchronized_pool_resource (memory_resource *__upstream)
void * allocate (size_t __bytes, size_t __alignment=_S_max_align)
void deallocate (void *__p, size_t __bytes, size_t __alignment=_S_max_align)
bool is_equal (const memory_resource &__other) const noexcept
unsynchronized_pool_resourceoperator= (const unsynchronized_pool_resource &)=delete
pool_options options () const noexcept
void release ()
memory_resourceupstream_resource () const noexcept

Protected Member Functions

void * do_allocate (size_t __bytes, size_t __alignment) override
void do_deallocate (void *__p, size_t __bytes, size_t __alignment) override
bool do_is_equal (const memory_resource &__other) const noexcept override

Detailed Description

A non-thread-safe memory resource that manages pools of fixed-size blocks.

Definition at line 512 of file memory_resource.

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